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Trail: Waterrock Knob to Blackrock Mountain
Finally getting out on a hike in this great weather was a blessing. Although this wasn’t the planned hike, it was still great to get on the trail. We wanted to do a trail we’ve never done before but due to a road closer, we couldn’t get there. 
Waterrock Knob to Blackrock Mountain trail is all at a higher elevations in this area (5500-6000ft+) and located on the Blue Ridge Parkway. We hiked this trail last year during the warmer months when everything was quite grown. Hiking the same trail this time of year was a new experience with new spring growth just starting to peak its head out. Scenery and views change a lot when there are no leaves on the trees and bush and plant growth is at a minimum.
Blackrock Mountain was our turn-around point, which is a huge rock sticking above the trees and bushes offering 360-degrees of breathtaking views of the mountains. Taking a break here, we had lunch and took in the amazing scenery. 
Large pine trees, rhododendron, and huge rocks make up this amazing and challenging trail. The steepness, elevation and terrain make you work for the vistas it but it’s all worth it. The higher elevation flora and fauna is one of the things I like most about this trail. Round trip it’s about 4.7 miles. 
The clear blue sky and bright sun allowed us to hike in thin shirts even though there were still icicles melting away on many of the huge rocks we passed. One section of the trail even had small ice patches that were shaded from any of the sun’s warmth. 
Getting to and from the trailhead requires driving a section of the Blue Ridge Parkway, which is amazingly beautiful in itself. The drive, the hike, the great time we had, meant for the perfect day.

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